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A customized experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention.

4 Easy Steps:

1. Consultation:   7T7 Custom Wear Experience starts with a detailed Consultation between a Fashion Designer/ Stylist and the Client.   This takes place at any location that Client decides (our store, your location, and even online).  A discussion takes place according to the Client's specific taste, daily activities and needs. 

2. Select Fabric-  The Stylist helps the Client choose the right fabric for their event.   7T7 Custom Wear offers the finest quality of fabric and expert craftsmanship.  7T7 produces its' own fabrics for Suits and Shirts. The fabrics are very limited and only 5 Suits and 5 Shirts can be made from each fabrics.  

Fabric Detail- Our Suit fabrics consist of Wool, English Gabardine, Handmade Silk, Corduroy, and Velvet. For the lapels of the blazers we are using the industry's top leading Canvas, made of Camel and Horse Hair (extremely thin).  This is exclusively made in America. All our Suits are Hand Cut and Hand Stitched.  The collars, arm holes, button holes, buttons, inner lining, lapels are hand sewn. Our Shirt fabrics consist of Egyptian Cotton, Iron Easy, Linen  and Exclusive Handmade fabric.  

3. Select Style- The Designer will help  identify a basic style and cut of garment that best fits their taste and body shape.   7T7 allows the client to personalize their garment. After choosing the fabric, there is a multitude of other elements to consider, from a wide variety of buttons to lapels and extra pockets. 7T7 wants each client to be "One of a Kind."

4. Fitting-  The Designer will collect the Client's  measurements made according to the customer’s movements, posture and styling preferences.  Our craftsman are highly experience and do not require any extra fittings once body measurements are taken.  However, if one wants a fitting then we love to provide it.  


Suits and Shirts

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